Non Franchise Opportunities

Location is the most profitable agency model in Australia for agents wanting to run their own business.

"Franchise and agency groups charge a huge amount of fees for what is essentially a brand name, website and services agents could organize themselves at a fraction of the cost," said Robert McIntosh (Managing Founder of location).

Can a boutique agency compete with franchise and established agency names?

"Yes and no." says Robert. "This is because people are naturally drawn towards names they are familiar with as opposed to names they have never heard of."

Will this effect sales results?

"Yes. Prestige and market awareness is an important factor for agents to consider when starting a new agency because the reality is the majority of people will not know who they are (despite being known by their peers and existing clients) which is a big obstacle to overcome if they want to generate new business against better known names."

Are there any other obstacles for boutique agencies wanting to compete against prestigious brand names?

"Yes. In today's digital world a real estate agents website is their digital shopfront which means it's imperative to have a professional website. But the problem is the cost," says Robert.

Note: A professional real estate website will cost between $30,000 and $300,000 to develop.

"As a direct result the majority of boutique agency websites are poorly designed which puts them at an immediate disadvantage against collective groups of agents with the resources to produce a professional website."

What are the options for successful agents and established agencies wanting to maximize profits?

1. location License.

Location is the most profitable agency model in Australia for agents wanting to run their own business.

Includes your own professional real estate website hosted on a rare single word domain name associated with the 3 rules to real estate. location.com.au

National Brand Name.
Professional Real Estate Website.
Retain 100% Gross Commission Income. 
No Monthly Fees.

Note: First mover licenses start from a low marketing fee per listing.

First Movers Advantage.


2. Franchise.

For example, Biggin & Scott Franchise Group. Quote 

"What do I need to become a Biggin & Scott franchise partner?

Passion, drive, energy and excellent customer service, leadership and communication skills. You also need to have a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard as an owner / manager and to follow the Biggin & Scott guidelines and systems. A background in real estate / business / hospitality and previous business management experience are ideal but not essential. Of course, you also need to have access to the required funds (minimum $250,000 plus GST) to set up and Run a Biggin & Scott franchise in the first 12 months."


3. Agency Group.

For example, Marshall White. Quote

"Under the model which was introduced in the early 2000s, agents are responsible for running their team as an employer which provides more freedom to individuals.

"We needed to work out that as an individual sales person, at what level do they have to perform before they are tempted to go and open their own business or if the company is getting an unreasonable yield from that person?

So we set a level, which we call 'the bar' that when a team reaches they are then eligible for the bonus commission.

"The commission rate is balanced 50-50 between the company and the team.

"It rewards exceptional performance, incentivises people to grow and develop their business within a business and it often creates a forum where they make more money , recruit more support and generate more sales under our brand than they ever would on their own."



Please note: A location licensee should hold the same principles as a Biggin & Scott franchise partner and run their own business (similar to a Marshall White agent who has reached "the bar"). However it wont cost a minimum of $250,000 plus GST to set up (Biggin & Scott) or 50% of gross commission income (Marshall White).

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