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10-20% of all property advertisements use the word Location to market a property >

Location is a new agency model for successful real estate agents wanting to run their own business with the benefit of a priceless national brand name and professional marketing service behind them without the cost and constraints of a typical franchise.

"I registered location.com.au in 1998 for approximately $210 when the majority of people didn't value domain names," said Robert (Managing founder of location), "and decided to hold it for the right business model that would benefit from the millions of dollars of natural branding attached to it."

In today's digital world a brand name must have the matching domain name.

"We looked at thousands of properties for sale in Australia and estimate between 10 and 20% of all advertising uses the word location to market a property. So we decided to build a real estate business that would make it possible for property sellers to use location as their brand name."

Property sellers can now use "location" as their agency name to add value to any property sale.

"Everybody knows what the 3 rules to real estate are and the natural branding value of location will add tremendous value to the marketing of any property," said Max (Chairman of location).

*Examples of premium domain names in Australia include..
realestate.com.au | carsales.com.au | seek.com.au | domain.com.au | location.com.au


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